High Quality XTool PS90 Tablet Vehicle Diagnostic Tool

Recently,many customers ask about this ps90 tablet tool,today i will show you some features for it.

XTOOL PS90 Support Language: English/Chinese

Powered by Android, the Xtool PS90 is a Pro Level scan tool with the added benefit of being a powerful tablet. Scan vehicles,
reply to emails and surf the net all from the same device.
Another fantastic new feature is the ability to send any issues with the unit or vehicles directly to the Xtool Engineering department from the built in help section.
Connect wirelessly and be directly in touch with the manufacturer.
Send them photos from the built in camera! Wifi also makes updates an easy process, unlike some tools.

Main Features:
Scans engine, Reads/Clears fault codes, Auto key programming/immobilizer,
Oil reset, Turns off service lights, Scans auto transmissions, Turns off SRS airbag lights, Turns off ABS lights, Live data stream.
Special Functions:
Key Programming, Mileage Correction, TPS, Oil Resetting, EPB, TPMS, Airbag Reset, ECU Reset (all vary by manufacturer)