PS90 Car Diagnostic Series HONDA V10.52

Language version of the vehicle system software is currently released for English,Spanish,Portuguese,Polski

1. Updated the fault code contents of the engine, gearbox, anti-lock braking system, airbag, electronic parking brake, active damper system and real-time time AWD/AWD and intelligent control system;
2. Solving the problem of duplicate data flow in the engine system;
3. Modify the automatic scanning function. When the fault code is present in the BCM system, the diagnostic report and the clear fault code button are gray and cannot be clicked;
4. Optimize the Spanish function menu;
5, the data flow name in the body control system: "distance display unit" is corrected to "distance display unit", and optimize the data flow unit;
6. When the frozen frame is not read, the prompt “no fixed data” is modified to “no freeze frame data";
7. The execution condition prompts of the action test in the ABS system are optimized.