PS90 Car Diagnostic Series LANDROVER V10.40

Language version of the vehicle system software is currently released for English,Spanish,Portuguese,Polski

Add 950 special functions, change content:
Defender: Fuel tank volume,Saudi Arabia overspeed,Tire circumference,RPM control mode,Speed limitation,Air conditioning and other 15 special functions;
Discovery: Information and entertainment system special applications,Engine control module low pressure EGR adaption clear,Engine control module unlock application and other 66 special functions;
Range Rover Sport: Power supply service mode diagnostic,Pre-delivery inspection,Vehicle reset and other 33 special functions;
Range Rover: Vehicle reset,Display injector correction factors,Update existing map software,Service history data,Steering performance update and other 22 special functions;
New Freelander: Message centre display contrast,Stop/start system - Inoperative,Boost pressure actuator replacement and other 39 special functions;
New Range Rover: Verify secondary battery charging,Powertrain control module adaption clear,Hybrid electric vehicle operation mode,Rear seat memory configuration and other 85 special functions;
New Range Rover Sport: Service interval reset,Door window calibration,Set/un-set air suspension geometry set-up,Hybrid electric vehicle battery pack coolant pump replacement and other 62 special functions;
Evoque: All wheel drive - High oil temperature reset,All wheel drive - System flush,All wheel drive - Calibration,All wheel drive system - Pump bleed,All wheel drive system - Pump venting and other 110 special functions;
Discovery Sport: Powertrain control module adaption clear,Engine control module reset fuel pump adaption,Diesel exhaust fluid prime and pressure test and other 81 special functions;
XK:Tire pressure monitor sensor identification display,Driver's side - Door glass window calibration,Check engine oil level,Reset oil level and other 20 special functions;
F-Type:Verify secondary battery charging,Activate television test picture,Immobilizer antenna unit functionality check,Test dual battery system,Headlamp control module system calibration and other 47 special functions;
XF:High pressure injection pump replacement,Speed control internal state, Pedestrian impact crash status reset,Right side - Radar signal - Reversal correction,Side object detection module history,Air conditioning system adaption reset and other 110 special functions;
New XF:Transfer case control module - Lock centre differential,IPMA AEB Data read,Door window calibration,Parking brake activation,Vehicle reset,Exhaust valve adaption and other 41 special functions;
New XJ:Quiescent current control module internal check,Engine control module reset crank case pressure sensor,XJ Stage 1 - Preparation - Important instructions and other 99 special functions;
XE:Engine control module reset crank case pressure sensor,Engine control module reset fuel pump adaption,Headlamp leveling height sensor calibration and other 79 special functions;
F Pace:Engine control module swirl valve adaption clear,Engine control module reset fuel pump adaption, Door window calibration,Enable/disable glow plugs and other 41 special functions;