Tablet Series Car Diagnosis BENZ V19.50

Languages Supported: Russian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Italian,Korean

1.Added M/GLE (166) and GL/GLS (166) initialization coding functions for the following systems:
Engine system, electronic ignition switch, KI-instrument panel, ADS-automatic shock absorption adaptation system (ADS), MRM-steering column module, H3/1-warning horn (AS), PTS-parking positioning system, SRS-assisted protection Device, SG LG-charging device, multi-function control unit, AMLAB-L left front LED external lighting actuation module, AMLAB-R right front LED external lighting actuation module, SG EM-power electronic device, KIW-combination with maintenance cycle display Instrumentation, SG SW L-Left headlight, SG SW R-Right headlight, FSCU-Fuel pump, SG AWF-Collision avoidance assist system, ESP-Electrically controlled vehicle stabilization system, D FOL-Rear passenger area Left display screen, D FOR-right display screen in rear passenger area, SAMF-front signal acquisition and actuation control module, PTS-parking positioning system, AMLAB L 2-drive module 2, left front LED external lighting (E1n8), AMLAB R 2-drive module 2, front right LED external lighting (E2n8), KG-keyless start, ES-electric power steering, vehicle intelligent service information control unit... etc.
2. Optimized programming support products: overseas A80Pro, overseas A80ProMaster, overseas NitroGT, overseas NitroXT