Tablet Series Car Diagnosis FIAT V10.30

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1.Added Fiat 500, 500L, 500X, CINQUECENTO-500-959, DOBLO ', DUCATO, FIORINO QUBO, Egea-Tipo Sedan-HB-SW, FREEMONT, MOBI, OTTIMO, Novo Uno FL, VIAGGIO (Fixiang), Fiat Panda and other new cars, reset the tone wheel, replace the tone wheel, DPF reset option, ECU replacement, transmission value, Lambda function reset, storage default configuration, electric motor replacement, reset parameters, update Unit of measurement, reset of purified fuel circuit, self-learning of air-conditioning system, replacement of air flow meter, fast learning, clutch pedal reading, zero fuel quantity calibration, upload configuration, setting of engine speed, radio Proxi configuration, calibration reset, learning of clutch contact Points, reset of the accumulated counter of the intelligent alternator module, resetting the distance traveled while the "water in diesel" warning light is on, resetting the distance traveled while the "water temperature" warning light is on, and other special functions.