Tablet Series Car Diagnosis HONDA V10.60

Languages Supported: Russian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Finnish,

1. Added 17 action tests in two system modes of the engine system (built-in fuel pump start, low/high pressure EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) actuator test, two-stage turbocharger boost test, etc.) and 13 special Functions (forced writing of the idle stop starter counter, clearing of the comprehensive estimation of oil dilution, motor rotor position correction (IMA), etc.);
2. Added 9 action tests under the anti-lock braking system (left front/right front/left rear/right rear solenoid valves, left front/right front/left rear/right rear VSA (vehicle stability assistance), brake light relay/TSA relay Measurement, etc.) and 2 special functions (brake friction pad maintenance mode, insufficient air pressure alarm system);
3. Modify the special function of ABS (0x01 mode) feedback from customers-> [All sensors] failed to execute;
4. Optimize the text of the anti-theft system (CN/TW_TEXT.txt);
5. Optimize AT (0x68 mode) action test [shift solenoid valve A/B/C/D/E] execution time;
6. Optimize the action test of BCM instrument system [Speedometer], [Tachometer] and [Odometer] input boxes.
7. Optimize the following vehicle functions:
①2006CRV: Optimize engine function menu;
②2010 Feng Fan: Correct engine data flow;
③2012 Accord: Optimize engine data stream unit and function menu;
④ 2015 Odyssey: Optimize the data flow of engine, antilock, BCM, airbag (SRS); optimize the gearbox function menu;
⑤ 2017 Lingpai: Optimize engine data flow;
⑥ Optimize the data flow of the Accord Honda engine and body electrical system;
8. Solve the problem that Acura cannot identify the vehicle model in 2019 and there is no data flow in EPS and ADS.