Tablet Series Car Diagnosis HONDA V10.80

Languages Supported: Russian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Italian

1.Add Electric Servo Braking System(ESB), Vehicle Sound Alarm System(AVAS), CAN Gateway(CANGW), Precision Four-Wheel Steering(RTC), EDLC(BBC), Intake Sound Generator(ISC), Integrated Driver Auxiliary System(IDAS) and Remote Control Engine Starter System(RCS) and other functions in 8 system modes, such as "EDLC module discharge and charge test", "forced non-auxiliary mode", "brake light relay test", "sensor 0(zero) position memory "," CMBS brake "," radar alignment "," static camera alignment "," dynamic camera alignment "," actuator test "," self-diagnostic function "," instrument control module replacement "And other functions.