Tablet Series Car Diagnosis LANDROVER V10.44

Languages Supported: Russian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Italian

The original special functions are updated, a total of 150 special functions, update content:
Defender: 7 special functions such as speed limit, check before departure, ABS configuration, etc.
Discovery: 31 special functions such as reset of oil maintenance counter, diesel particulate filter replacement, battery replacement and so on.
Range Rover Sport: 19 special functions including headlight control module system calibration, driver side-door glass window calibration.
Range Rover: 11 special functions such as tire pressure monitoring sensor logo display, maintenance interval reset, etc.
New Freelander: 29 special functions including lateral accelerometer calibration, yaw rate sensor calibration, and roll speed sensor calibration.
New Range Rover: 21 special functions such as parking brake start, other countries and regions in the world-maintenance interval options.
New Range Rover Sport: 11 special functions such as adaptive clearing of the power transmission system control module and replacement of the throttle valve actuator.
Evoque: 17 special functions such as reset of oil counter of transmission control module, calibration of passenger side-door glass window.
Discovery Sport: 4 special functions such as resetting the maintenance time interval and the indicator display of the tire pressure monitoring sensor.