Tablet Series Car Diagnosis VW V10.95

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1. Increase the protection function
(1)08 air conditioning system (Audi A6 2011>, Audi A8 2010>, 7P-Touareg>)
(2)15 airbags (Audi A4 2001>, Audi A6 1998>, Audi A8 2003>, Audi R8 2015>, Audi e-tron 2019>)
(3)17 instrument panel system (Audi A6 2011>, Audi A8 2010>, 7P-Touareg>, Audi A8 2003>, Audi e-tron 2019>, Audi A6 2005>, Audi A4 2016>, Audi A6 2018>, Audi A3 2013>, Audi Q3 2019>, CR-Touareg NF 2018 >, C4-New mid-size sedan 2019 >)
2. Optimize automatic diagnosis function
3. Support A30PRO products and X100PAD plus products
4. Modified the problem of Volkswagen Golf's 2016 42 driver's side door electronic equipment and 52 front passenger side door electronic equipment system fault codes displayed as unknown fault codes
5. Modify the problem that the failure code of Volkswagen Passat's 2019 76 system cannot be read and cause a crash
6. Optimize the fault code adaptation method to solve the problem of "unknown fault code"