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XTOOL X100 PRO Auto Key Programmer X100+ Updated Version

XTOOL X100 PRO Auto Key Programmer X100+ Updated Version

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XTOOL X100 PRO Auto Key Programmer X100+ Updated Version
1. Handheld device for programming keys in immobilizer units on vehicles.
2. For Ford and Mazda we provide free pin code calculating service.
3. Vehicle Identification Number Programming

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by Mr.Tim haney on Sep 15, 2020
hi will this device do mileage correction on a 2011 ve golf gti mk6 thanks in advance
Replied by Julia on Sep 15, 2020
Hello dear friend

Hello, this product has been discontinued and no longer produced.

by Mr.Louis on Jan 19, 2020
Will the X100 PRO work on a 2013 Chrysler Town & County for the Fobik replacement?
Replied by Julia on Feb 1, 2020
Hello Mr

Sorry, it does not.
by M. Osborne on Nov 8, 2019
After much research I decided to try the XTOOL X100 key programmer. It was comparatively inexpensive and from the online reviews it looked like it worked for programming car keys for the car I had although I was a little skeptical as I knew it wouldn't work for every car out there. I was easy to set up and I had my keys programmed in less than 10 minutes and that was only because I was learning how to use it. I programmed a set of Jeep keys a couple of days later in less than 5 minutes. Great tool for what it is made for!
Replied by Julia on Nov 8, 2019
Hello Mr

Thank you for your support!

have a nice day!

by Will Landis on Oct 6, 2019
At first, I was having a lot of trouble with the unit, but the seller was quick to send me a replacement. Having gotten the new one, I tried it out first on my 2001 Nissan Frontier. The second unit connected and worked perfectly for pulling the codes. I was having trouble using the live-graphing functions. As it turned out, once I tried it in my fiancée's 2001 Subaru Forester, the live graphing function worked perfectly, so it seem that that particular issue had to do with the Frontier.

This unit also offers the addvantage of being Bluetooth operated, as opposed to the WiFi models that are out there. This means that conecting after initial setup is pretty much automatic, and I can still use my phone to go on the web and research the codes that pop up, and so on.

Also worth mentioning is that the unit is really quite small, as can be told from the image. I can leave this plugged in all the time, and I wouldn't even know it's there.

If I had a criticism, it would be that the companion app could use a little fine tuning, but that's a small thing to be picky about, in my opinion. It does its job quite well, and the customer service was very helpful.
Replied by Julia on Oct 6, 2019
Thank for your support

have a nice day!
by Steve D. on Sep 26, 2019
I have an older Dodge truck that occasionally shows a check engine light. When I am on the road and the check engine light activates it can be concerning. This device allows me to diagnose these error codes on the go, should they occur. I can also monitor my engine's performance to see if there are issues pending.
Replied by Julia on Sep 26, 2019
Thank for your support

have a nice day!
by Mr.Oleh on Sep 19, 2019
Hi. Will it add a smart key on a 2017 Ford Fusion USA.
Replied by Julia on Sep 19, 2019
Hello Mr

The device can not support it.
by G***w on Sep 17, 2019
I checked product works and I updated it. everything was in the sealed box as advertised. I had no problems with delivery seller is trustworthy. I have used the tool once so far will give feedback later again
Replied by Julia on Sep 17, 2019
Hello Mr

Thank you for your support. I wish you a happy life.
by C***z on Sep 17, 2019
Tested on kia morning and subaru impreza, it does not allow to modify km.
Replied by Julia on Sep 17, 2019
Hello Mr

Thank you for your support. I wish you a happy life.
by J***a on Sep 8, 2019
The team according to the offer. Arrived on time
by Felipe on Aug 29, 2019
I want to update my X100PRO. How?
Replied by Julia on Aug 29, 2019
Hello Mr

Find the Service and Support, Download upgrade tool.

download the file.

no need to register just use serial number and password to log in.
by Mr.Hassan Hamza on Aug 8, 2019
Can it program keys of all VW group cars?
Replied by Julia on Aug 8, 2019
Hello Mr

No. it can support some of it.

by mark kennedy on Jul 23, 2019
did not realise you had to remove eeprom chip from ecu to get the pin code. So disappointing regarding this, as was replacing the ecu and needed the pin code to reprogramme my keys.
Replied by Julia on Jul 23, 2019
Hello Mr

This depends on whether the code is read in the eeprom, if it is, it must be deleted.
by Mr.JACKIE on Jun 18, 2019
Can the X100pro reprogram the ECU? 2005 chevy malibu maxx
Replied by Julia on Jun 18, 2019
Hello dear,

No, it does not.
by Jose de jesus Argandoña on May 6, 2019
Perdon no he realizado compra preg sobre el periodo de entrega del x100 pro al cp 79070 y verficar las funciones del producto si este me sirve para modificar km ford figo 2017 y vento 2017 a su vez precio en total si es que lleva costo el envio al lugar que le comento me interesa por eso preg cuanto tarda en llegar y mas que nada precio
by Jose de jesus Argandoña on May 6, 2019
Perdon para los figo no viene en la lista ni vento pero para modificar kms si estaran ya en la actualizacion y cuantoa sopoerte tiene en actualizaciones, tambien sirve de scanner
by Jose de jesus Argandoña on May 6, 2019
Buen dia disculpe el preecio de envio a cd. Valles, san luis potosi, mexico y cuanto dia tardaria en llegar y es correcto sirve para llavea y kms en la lista no incluye fido actualmente ya estara disponible para kms y el vento 2017
Replied by Julia on May 6, 2019
Can you tell me your order number?
by Mr.Erick on Apr 17, 2019
Se puede a actualizar el xtool x100 ?
Con nuevos modelos y marcas?
Replied by Julia on Apr 17, 2019
Hello sir

please check the website:
by Coxon Loke on Apr 2, 2019
i already update didnt see proton immobiliser
Replied by Julia on Apr 2, 2019
Hello sir

The X100 pro does not support it. Proton.
by Jack on Mar 14, 2019
I want to know if he can do mileage of ODOHTER
Replied by Julia on Mar 14, 2019
Hello sir

Yes, it is.

have a good day!
by k on Mar 14, 2019
when can I get it?
Replied by Julia on Mar 14, 2019
Hello sir

The parcel can be sent to your place on March 16.

have a good day!
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