How to activate xtool iobd2 mini scanner

This article is aimed to help you activate your iobd2 mini scanner successfully.

Xtool iOBD2 is an on-board diagnostic tool that gives current engine related data (EOBD2/iOBD2) including current fault codes, pending faults, live data stream, freeze frame data, readiness tests, O2 and evaporative system tests.

However, we have received some feedback from our customer that they have encountered troubles during the activation of this tool.

Here we will introduce how to activate the XTOOL iOBD2-VW adapter, and hope this will help you.

1.Download the APP and install it, you can download it as the user guide told or from,
2.Open the APP
3.Put the serial number directly, and click "Activate"

input serial number

It will show as following if activated successfully

activate successfully

4.On the contrary, if you failed to activate it will show this message

activation failed

5.Click "Contact us", it will send email to xtooltech with the S/N you have input.

Note: The serial number is digital number only which attached to the front of the product.

serial number

After activated, you can use this scanner on your car now!